Water Beads = Life

Water Beads = Life

Julie FriedmanDec 4, '17

When I really want my kids to be engaged and entertained for a REALLY long time, I whip out the water beads! These things are magic. They are the most therapeutic, addicting, engaging, enthralling, incredible sensory item on the market! Even my husband is obsessed with them!! We got some new blue ones in the mail a while back and I have been meaning to put them to use- so, this morning I filled up a tub with water and poured a couple tablespoons in and let them grow throughout the day. It takes about 6 hours for them to expand to a  decent size. When Evie got home from school, she saw the bin and couldn't wait to dive in! These are super cheap and you really only need 1-2 tablespoons to yield a good amount of beads-- so make sure not to pour the entire container in, or you will be swimming in water beads!! Toss in a few measuring cups, animals, spoons, and bowls and I promise, your kids will be in so into it, and you may even have time to do a load of laundry or clean the kitchen! WOAH, can you imagine it?! 

These are the multicolored ones that we use

Here are the blue ones pictured above!

and Here are some JUMBO ones that I just got to put in the kids stockings!

and of course, here are the sharks you see us playing with all the time!!

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