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Fun Sensory Kits +  Activities for Kids

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Here at Young, Wild + Friedman, you'll find inspiringly fun and simple ideas to keep your children's' days full of adventure and joy!

They say it takes a village. Let's make ours one that protects child-like wonder and sweet imaginations, together.

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I’ve been a teacher for 39 years background in early childhood. I bought these to give to our pre-k teachers. The were thrilled! My daughter is a customer and granddaughter loves them!

Susan S.

You have seriously inspired me to get more creative with my girl’s play/toys, Thank you!

Jessica P.

Your sensory ideas are aahmaazing!! My 8 & 3 year olds love every idea I’ve used from your blog. Knowing nothing except how to work full-time and be a mom, I need a little help on the creative side, and your blog has helped and inspired me. Many thanks!!!

Molly R.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions (with Answers!)

  • How often do you release kits?

    New kit themes go out once of a month to all subscribers and a limited number are release for a flash sale. We aim to do 1-2 additional flash sales with older kit themes each month as well.

  • What are the benefits of a kit subscription?

    Our kits sell out fast in the flash sales -- we're talking 1-2 minutes! Subscribers avoid the launch hassle and are guaranteed the new kit theme each month. They also get early access to any other kits we launch.

  • What are some benefits of sensory play?

    1. Builds nerve connections in the brain that enable your child to complete more complex learning tasks.

    2. Supports language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interaction.

    3. Enhances memory and can help calms kids who are anxious or frustrated

    4. Allows kids to learn different sensory attributes, such as hot, cold, sticky, dry, wet, etc.

    5. Helps develop awareness of their senses through hands-on learning.

  • I ordered a kit, when will it ship?

    Holiday shipping takes 7-10 business days. Subscriptions go out on the 15th of every month, and we ship individual orders of kits 2-5 business days after ordering.

  • What are the ingredients in the Sensory Dough?



    Vegetable oil

    Cream of tartar

    Essential oils

    Small amounts of premium fragrance oils

    Food Coloring

    Cinnamon (Brown dough only)