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Hi, I'm Julie!

As the owner and founder of Young + Wild & Friedman, my goal is to create inspiringly fun and simple products that will keep your children's days full of adventure and joy! Our fun sensory play activities and kits are loved by kids of all ages.

What started as a way to help my daughter overcome an array of speech and learning disorders has turned into a business and a community far beyond my wildest dreams!

They say it takes a village. Let's make ours one that protects child-like wonder and sweet imaginations together.

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Did you know?

Our fun-filled products head to your homes from the YWF Facdoughry™ here in Houston, Texas where all of our dough is made! We have forty amazing men and women who work hard to make Young + Wild & Friedman what it is today!

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The Benefits of Sensory Play!

Sensory play has an enormous number of benefits, some of which include:

Building nerve connections in the brain that enable your child to complete more complex learning tasks.

Supporting language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interaction.

Enhancing memory and can help calms kids who are anxious or frustrated

Allowing kids to learn different sensory attributes, such as hot, cold, sticky, dry, wet, etc.

Helping develop awareness of their senses through hands-on learning.


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