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About Young, Wild & Friedman

Thank you so much for visiting our site! As you may know, there's more to these kits we sell than just play dough and the opportunity to drink your coffee in peace! A few years ago, one of our children was diagnosed with a speech disorder coupled with severe anxiety. Unable to communicate, our child was understandably frustrated. Our doctor recommended incorporating more sensory play opportunities into our daily routine, as it may help calm anxiety and encourage language development.

I began reading and researching and was amazed at what I found! I started making play dough, assembling sensory bins, and even bought an at-home music class dvd that we used together. I saw first-hand how sensory experiences helped calm our child's frustrations, and it has been incredible to see their behavior and language grow and improve through sensory play.

In 2017 I started Young, Wild & Friedman as a blog to help other parents integrate sensory play into the lives of their own children. It warms my heart knowing that each kit we assemble plays a small role in your child's development, and I can't thank you enough for letting me be a part of that journey! Okay, enough from me - let's get playing!