Play Snow

Play Snow

Julie FriedmanDec 12, '17

The most simple and fabulous winter sensory activity you will ever find is RIGHT HERE!! All you need to make this play snow is:

1) 3 cups of baking soda (1 and a half boxes) or go ahead and use 2 boxes and add a little more conditioner!

2) 1/2 cup of hair conditioner 

Mix it together in a bowl, or whatever container you are going to let your kids play with in it and there you have it! Make sure to use white conditioner so it doesn't make your snow some strange color ;) but other than that, pretty dang simple! If your snow is too mushy or sticky, add more baking soda, too flakey? Add more conditioner! I threw in a few winter/snow animals, different types of scoopers and continuers and a few stones! You can put anything you want in there! You could even add a little glitter to your snow to make it even more magical! Happy "Snow" Day!

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