Science Time!

Science Time!

Julie FriedmanSep 29, '17

Alright guys, I cannot say enough about this science kit and measuring kit that we recently got for Evie's birthday! WOW. Evie and Kerr played with this for an hour and a half this evening and could not have been happier! I filled up the test tubes with water and added a drop of food dye to each tube so they would have different colors to mix and pour with. They loved watching the colors mix and change! Kids LOVE pouring water. It's just a fact, so this kit was seriously the best ever! We cannot wait to come back to this again and again! This is a wonderful way to practice practical life skills- pouring, transferring, measuring, mixing, etc!

sidenote-- we also bought the extra test tubes and jumbo eyedroppers because I wanted to avoid fighting over supplies at all costs! haha.. it worked and there was enough to go around!! 

Happy experimenting! 

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