Sensory Calm Down Bottles

Sensory Calm Down Bottles

Julie FriedmanJun 30, '17

I have been totally neglecting the BABIES, so babes, this post is for you!! I love making these sensory bottles for my little ones because not only are they super easy to make, but they serve multiple purposes! 

Babies are mezmorized these things! They love watching all of the colors swirl around and its great for their little eyes and brains! Such a great sensory tool for the little ones! We take the in the car, roll around with them on our play mats, roll them up and down the hall.. we just love them!!

These bottles are also great for toddlers. We use them not only for fun, but also to serve as a time out timer! When my oldest gets in trouble, I will send her to her room with one and we will shake it up... she can come out once all of the glitter has settled at the bottom of the bottle. It calms her down and gives her something to focus on while she's cooped up in time out.

My two year old loves the under the sea bottle filled with seashells! He shakes it over and over and explores whats all inside!


-I use Core water bottles that i found at the gas station! I thought they were pretty cute with the big blue lid! Any water bottle is just fine, as long as its not one of those cheap ones that crumbles up! I made a few with empty baby oil bottles, which I liked a lot because they have toddler proof lids, so I didn't have to glue them shut!

-Fill the bottle with whatever you want... glitter, shells, pom pom balls, water beads, buttons, bells, really ANYTHING goes! 

-Add liquid. Either water or hand soap are my favorite fillers! The Blue ocean one has blue hand soap and our orange themed bottle has water! I like clear soap the most, but the dollar store was out when we went! 

-Make sure to hot glue or super glue the lids on! Those toddlers could for sure make a mess of these if not!! 


Have fun and if you make them, tag me so I can see all of your beautiful babies playing with these fun sensory bottles!!

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