Invitation To Play Trays

Invitation To Play Trays

Julie FriedmanJul 2, '17

These invitation to play trays are a HUGE hit with my kids! They are fabulous tools for igniting our kids imaginations and encouraging creative play! It is amazing to see what their little minds can come up with! 

All you need to make one is a dip tray  or an egg traythat you can find here, on amazon! Then, pick a theme and go crazy! You can just collect little items from around the house- It doesn't have to be anything fancy! (Buttons, lids, corks, cotton balls, q tips, old tooth brushes... just a few ideas!)

What we did:

-We made a jungle themed one with our egg tray, and we used homemade chocolate playdoh, miniature jungle animals, sticks, and rocks! It was a simple tray that provided almost an hour of creative play! 

-Our 4th of July color themed tray included pipe cleaners, glitter styrofoam balls, mini American flags, sequins, plastic eggs, and play doh

-For the orange themed tray, we used pipe cleaners, beads, glitter balls, plastic eggs, gems, pom pom balls, plastic bingo chips, and play doh!


Here are links to some of our other favorite items that we use to fill our play trays with:

--Mini Ocean Animals 

-- Mini Snakes 

-- Mini Dinosaurs

--Rainbow Popsicle Sticks

-- Craft Jewels

-- Mini Dump Trucks

--Kinetic Sand

--Wooden Beads

--play doh

--pipe cleaners

--pom pom balls

--plastic bingo chips

Make sure to tag me when you make your own!! So excited to see you littles exploring and creating! xo! @youngwildandfriedman

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