Mystery Box

Mystery Box

Addison McCalebJul 5, '17

I cannot express how much we love this Mystery Box! My 4 year old daughter has a significant speech delay and I have found this box to be such an incredible speech tool! She loves it, and it definitely makes our at home speech time much more fun! Here are a few ways that we like to use this box! (I use it with my 2 year old also, just as a fun and interactive learning tool!)

1) We take one item out at a time and practice our articulation by saying what we find. "Purple Butterfly, Yellow Fish, Blue Car...

2) We discuss the different textures and sounds. Shiny Butterfly, Squeaky Car, Soft Elephant, Silky Fish, Squishy Ball..."

3) We put everything in the box and then pick one item out and try to guess what it is before pulling it out! Such a great way to help develop all of our kids senses! 

4) I will fill the box with random items from around the house and we will do similar activities like the ones above, but it will be new and exciting because the kids don't know what to expect! 

5) I let the kids take the box around the house and fill it up and then I am their student! They love pretending to be the "Mommy" or "Teacher" if you will, and guide the activity for me! "mommy, say YELLOW CAR" hah!  It's also pretty funny to see what they have rounded up from around the house!! 

6) For the little babies, it's so much fun of them to reach in and pull the toys out! They will do this over and over and over! You can teach them how to put the toys back in and pull them out all over again! You can also put other baby toys inside, teething rings, balls, bells, etc to mix it up!

Basically, I am obsessed with this box, as are my kids!! Leave a comment if you have any other fun ideas on how we could use this box!! 

---Check it out here-- Mystery Box! 

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