Flash Card Match Up

Flash Card Match Up

Julie FriedmanJul 6, '17

I cannot express enough how often we use these touch and feel flash cards! We have been using them since Evie was 12 months old! I got quite a few sets including, Touch and Feel Animals, Things that Move, First Words, and Shapes and Colors!! (There are several others, but those are the ones we have and love!.. They are also super affordable, score! Around $5 a set!) These were such a great tool when the littles were young to help develop language and word association. Each card has a different texture, which is also a huge plus, as far as making it an interactive/sensory activity. One of the cards has a PB&J sandwich and the jelly part is sticky!! haha! I just love them!! 

Today we found a fun, new away to use the cards! I searched the play room for figurines that matched the "Things that Move" cards and found quite a few- chunky puzzle pieces, toy cars, etc...! I thew all of the pieces in a box and laid out the cards for Kerr (2) and showed him how to match them up. He LOVED this and did it over and over. It was basically a new spin on a puzzle. I set this up for Evie (4) during Kerr's nap time and she really enjoyed it also! I am planning on using the "First Words" cards to set up a similar activity for next week!! (A few of the cards in first words include... Keys, Car, Ball, etc.. so super simple things that you would be able to find around your house if you wanted to give this activity a whirl!)

As always, tag my instagram if toy try any of these ideas out! I love seeing you all and your kids hard at play!! xoxo!!

- I love these Puzzles and they are only $8-10!

Melissa and Doug Automobile Puzzle  

Farm Animal Puzzle

Zoo Animal Puzzle

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