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Spaghetti Shark Tank! (Just As Fun With Water!)

by Julie Friedman |

I ordered these little sharks on amazon last week and my two kiddos cannot get enough of them!! Last night, I dyed some left over spaghetti blue and tossed the sharks into the mess! The kids loved squishing up the spaghetti and letting the sharks swim around in it! After the were tired of the spaghetti, I brought the tank inside and set them up on the kitchen island with the same tank filled with water! They had even more fun playing with the sharks inside of the water.. which I was surprised by! It entertained them for another 45 minutes while I cooked dinner and cleaned the kitchen! After dinner, these same sharks traveled with us the the tub where they took a dip in our big blue tub!! We use these little bath drops to dye the tub water different colors.. the kids love it, and it doesn't stain the walls at all! 

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