How To Survive Traveling With Kids

How To Survive Traveling With Kids

Julie FriedmanJun 27, '17

Road tripping or flying with young kids just isn't fun... ever. I learned this the hard way, SO, I have come up with a few solutions to make our travels more bearable! Here goes nothing!

1) SNACK PACK- ^^ (see picture above) top priority! Kids love to eat. What do we give our kids when we need them to be quiet at the doctors office? GOLDFISH. Every, Single. Time. SO, yes snacks in the car are required! I created this fun little snack pack to make our snacking a little bit more fun! The kids go CRAY CRAY over these!! Fill them with colorful snacks- fruit loops, fruit snacks, goldfish, pretzels, dried fruit, M&Ms, popcorn, pretzels, and yogurt drops are a few of our favorite things to pack these boxes with! 

2) Melissa and Doug "Water Wow" painting books.These are amazing.. basically they come with a little paintbrush you fill with water and when they color the white pages they come to life with color and picture! They dry up and you can use them over and over again!! 

3) Notebooks with ALL of the stickers. My kids will peel, stick, grin, repeat over and over and over again. It's actually quite impressive how long they will do this for. So, yes, over invest in stickers! 

4) Melissa and Doug "Make a Face" sticker books. These are hilarious! Your kids pick out a blank face and add eyes, brows, lips, noses, etc to create terrifying looking people. It makes me LOL every time! Seriously, its so freaking funny because kids put eyes at the very top of the forehead and it automatically makes for a hilarious and horrifying looking person every time. Im literally cracking up writing this just thinking of our past creations!

5) Good old fashioned crayons and coloring books. No explanation needed. I like to buy these big crayons so they don't break! These color wonder markers and paper are pretty awesome also!

6) Snacks. Oh wait, did I already say that?

7) Dry erase boards with dry erase markers and erasers! The one I liked is the perfect travel size. These are always a huge hit! Makes sure to use these crayola dry erase markers, they don't stain!

8) Beading Kit- (see picture below) I made this using a fishing lure box! We use pipe cleaners for beading since my kids are a little too young to master the small string! We make bracelets for everyone were going to visit! We like these wooden beads, because they are pretty easy to string! Here is the link for the plastic ones!

9)  These adorable lacing pet cards- Not only is this an activity that will keep your kids busy for a long time, its great for their fine motor and visual perceptual skills!

10) Dry erase tracing books- I like these two for younger kids (3-4)-  Wipe Clean Early Learning Book,  and Pen Control Tracing and these for older kiddos (5-7) My Activity Book and First 100 Words

11) Last, but not least. fork it out and get a DVD player installed in your car.... :) but seriously, now that I have kids, I will never buy a car without one now!! hah! There are also portable DVD players that you can get for pretty cheap!!

Hope this helps! xo

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