How Do You Use A Play Dough Kit?!

How Do You Use A Play Dough Kit?!

Julie FriedmanFeb 26, '191 comment

I often have parents ask me “what is my child supposed to do with this kit?” Or “how does this kit work?” And I always find my self saying something along the lines of, “Thats totally up to your kiddo” or “your child will use it however they need it!” That right there, is the magic of open ended, sensory play!

Each child will use the kit in a different way that naturally fills their need for sensory output and creativity! There is no right or wrong way to use our play dough kits… some kids will build out elaborate scenes and role play with the figurines! “Ahoy, matey! I’m coming for your treasure!” This type of play encourages language development and social interaction! How sweet it is to hear their little imaginations come to life through their commentary! And 100 praise hands that their little eyes are alert and excited, engrossed in an activity thats engaging their minds instead of dazed over by a screen!

Other kids will simply squish and knead the dough, unknowingly strengthening the muscles in their hands and fingers, that they will need to learn how to write and hold a pencil the correct way! They will pick up the little pieces of treasure with their index finger and thumb and smush them into the dough, practicing fine motor skills without even knowing it! I love these kits, because they welcome play from a vast age range, which as a parent, you know how hard it is to find something your 3 and 7 year old will play with together!

So, cheers to the play dough revolution!! Out with the iPad and in with the play dough! I wont go off on my interactive media tangent, because we all know. We have all read the articles and heard that excessive screen time is NOT good for our kids, but it’s hard not to pass off an iPad at a restaurant to pacify your annoying kiddo, it’s hard not to turn on a show because you have dishes piled to the ceiling and someones gotta clean them! I do it too, but I do think it’s important that we are aware of it and how screens directly affect our kids growing brains! That is just one of the reasons why I love these play dough kits! Because you can and do get the same amount of quiet time out of your kids by giving them something intentional to do with their hands versus something to watch! Play dough kits take out the prep work and provide a great, hands on activity that’s creatively curated and comes all together in one box thats easy for you to pull off the shelf, set on the table, and then get back to doing what you need to get done!

Keep sending the pictures and videos of your kids playing with their kits! It makes my day every time I get to see their happy little faces and their unique creations! 

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P Sledge on May 31, '19

A friend gave my 4.5 yr old grandson the pirate kit and his 2.5 yr old sister the princess kit. They have played with them many times and never seem to get tired of them. Once, when they were playing with their kits, a pirate/princess wedding occurred. Another time, the princesses’ glass slipper was used as a slide for them to use to dismount from their very tall vehicle. I enjoy seeing their imaginations work in ways I would never dream up.

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