Flower Shop

Flower Shop

Julie FriedmanMay 21, '18

We bough this adorable Melissa & Doug Grocery Stand last week and have had so much fun playing grocery store with it! We used our darling grocery cart & I added this little fruit and veggie set, that I love because they are so realistic and sized to scale! We got this awesome cash register, that I must say is an incredible learning tool, click that link to see what I mean! My kids went hard playing grocery store for several days, but didn't really touch it over the weekend, so this week, I decided to change out the grocery items for flowers and make it a little flower shop! It was a fun, new spin on our little store that the kids loved- and it totally gave this little cart a whole new life! I snagged some cheap floral bouquets from the dollar store, and even found these "Flowers and Garden" tin buckets there also #score! It only cost about $7 to completely transform this pretend store! I have been brainstorming other ways to keep our stand fresh and fun- I am thinking we will do a little pizza shop next- stay tuned! I will share how it turns out!! 

This stand came with blue side panels that I painted white before we assembled it... because everything is better WHITE!! Just wish I could switch out those green buckets!! They have a little lip on that back that fits into a slot in the wood to keep them in place- so I'm not sure I will be bale to find anything else that fits! Little woven baskets would have been so dang cute!! The vinyl awning is reversible- the other side says "Lemonade" which will definitely come in handy this summer when my kids sucker me into a lemonade sale! Another hack idea I have- but haven't done yet- would be to buy black and white striped vinyl and make a simple black and white scalloped awning instead of the primary colored one it comes with! Someday I will muster up the energy to do this, but until then... red and white it is!! 

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