Colored Chick Peas

Colored Chick Peas

Julie FriedmanAug 23, '18

A few weeks ago we colored some dried chick peas and I am obsessed with how they turned out! It was so simple that I was able to do it before I sent the the kids off to school, while they were eating breakfast!

All you need to color chick peas is

1) Dried chick peas (we used one bag per color)

2) Large zip lock bags

3) Tempra paint (what we used) or really any paint will work!

Now pour a bag of chick peas into each zip lock and add several squirts of paint- enough to coat the peas, but not make a huge sloppy, wet mess! Then zip the bags up and shake them until they are completely covered with paint. You can do one first to figure out about how much paint to add before doing the rest! Then, you pour them out on the counter on paper plates, wax paper, foil... whatever you have on hand to let them dry! They dried so fast... by the time I got home from dropping the kids off at school they were dry and ready to play with! We have been using them over and over, and the kids are yet to get bored of them!! If you make them, tag me- would love to see how they turn out!!

xo- Julie

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