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Rainbow Beans

by Julie Friedman |

We had never dyed our sensory play beans before, so figured we should give it a try! I searched around for the easiest ways to do this and here's what we went with... We bought white beans from the grocery store and put them in  4 different large zip lock bags and added 10-15 drops of food coloring to each bag then shook it up really, really well until all of the beans were coated in dye. Then we poured them out on paper plates to let them dry overnight. It was seriously the most simple way we found to do this and it required no vinegar, which was a plus for us smell wise! They do take a little time to dry, and you want to make sure you let them dry all the way through or they will dye those little playing hands! I was worried that these would continue to rub off on our hands, but they really haven't. The only color I have seen show up a little on my kids hands after playing is the green, and I think that is because my green food dye was super sticky- it must have been old?! Let me know if you guys give this a try- tag me in your pictures so I can see your sweet littles playing with their fun, rainbow beans!

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