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Jewel & Pom Pom Tweezing And Sorting

by Julie Friedman |

OH MY WORD! My kids LOVED this simple and fun fine motor activity! I will keep this post short and simple, because theres not much explanation needed for this one! All I did was empty out a bag of dry black beans into a tray, sprinkle some craft jewels and sparkly pom poms through out, and added two little cups to tweeze the jewels and pom poms into. I encouraged Evie and Kerr to first sort the pom poms and jewels. Then, we poured them back in and added a few more cups and sorted the items by color! After that, we mixed them all up in a bigger container and had a little treasure hunt! This is such a beautiful and inviting activity that really couldn't have been easier or faster to prepare!! If you have littles who you don't trust with the beans, lay out a big sheet and let them do the activity on it! That way, when they are finished, you can gather the sheet up and dump it outside or into the trash! XO!

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