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Dinosaur Matching

by Julie Friedman |

My little Kerr man is a DINO LOVER to the extreme! I try to incorporate activities for him that he is really into... i.e., dinos, airplanes, dump trucks, trolls ;) because they tend to keep his attention for a little bit longer! Today, I found these awesome dinosaur flash cards at the dollar store... THESE are the closest ones that I can find on amazon! They look pretty similar, as they have a picture of the dinosaur on one side, and then the name and description of that dino on the back! I snagged the last pack of these at our dollar store. I collected the dinosaurs that we had that matched the cards and placed them in a basket and gave kerr the stack of cards and let him lay them out and match the dinosaurs to each card. We talked about each dino and read the descriptions on the back of the cards. Not going to lie, trying to teach a 2.5 year old how to say Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, etc, is no easy task! We were cracking up! We have this jumbo set of dinosaurs that we really like- they are the ones on the back row! They are heavy and durable and very realistic! We also have this set of smaller dinosaurs that aren't quite as realistic, and definitely less expensive, but just as fun!! 

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