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Baby Safe Painting

by Julie Friedman |

A lot of you sweet mamas have been asking for some ideas of activities to do with younger babies, so lets do this! This morning, Rhett and I had a little alone time while the two older kiddos were at school and we made the best of it! It was a gorgeous morning, so we brought the highchair outside to enjoy the weather! We used a left over canvas from Evie's painting party and put several blobs of paint all over it and then wrapped it up with cling wrap. Rhett loved pushing his hands around and watching the paint spread over the canvas. This is a wonderful sensory activity for the little ones (9-12 months) and you end up with a pretty canvas of your babes very first painting... which actually turned out better than anything I would ever be able to paint! I think Evie and Kerr would love this also, so I am thinking I will let them have a run at this one when they get home from school this afternoon! I will keep you posted on what they think about it! Happy painting!!

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