Oopsy Daisy Slime


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Our "Oopsy Daisy" slime is a Facdoughry favorite! This beautiful clear gel slime is filled with iridescent green confetti and has a light jasmine scent. The topper features shimmering butterflies, colorful flowers, and a floral sprinkle mix. We can't get over how perfect this slime is when it's mixed together!

To play, you'll want to flip the slime upside down, then unscrew the lid. Remove the tape seal, then pour the mix-ins into the slime. Have fun stretching them out and playing with the different textures of each slime!

Each slime lid comes with a YWF Bop, which is a charm to put on your Crocs or Natives.

Read the labels closely if you love a good pun as much as we do!

Not for Consumption: Our slime and mix-ins are strictly for sensory play, not to be consumed.
Ages 5 and Up: This slime is intended for ages 5 and older. Please supervise young children.
Sensitive Skin: If you have sensitive skin, please be cautious using slime.
Overflow: Adding mix-ins may cause overflow; store excess slime separately in an airtight container.
Slime Stains: Remove slime from fabric with a solution of 50/50 white vinegar and cold water. Test in an inconspicuous spot, dab, and gently brush away residue using a soft-bristled brush.
Keep it Fresh: Keep your slime fresh by playing with clean hands on a clean surface. After playtime, store it in an airtight container in a cool, room-temperature space.