Santa Baby Slime


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"Santa Baby" is a red, bingsu slime with the perfect crunchy sound and texture! With a nod to the famous Christmas song, we designed a custom baby Santa claus charm and filled the top with a mix of Christmas and newborn items, like the cutest little red pacifier! Your kids will love stretching this fun peppermint-scented slime and mixing in the clay sprinkles!

To play, you'll want to flip the slime upside down, then unscrew the lid. Remove the tape seal, then pour the mix-ins into the slime. Have fun stretching them out and playing with the different textures of each slime!

Each slime lid comes with a YWF Bop, which is a charm to put on your Crocs or Natives.

Read the labels closely if you love a good pun as much as we do!

Not for Consumption: Our slime and mix-ins are strictly for sensory play, not to be consumed.
Ages 5 and Up: This slime is intended for ages 5 and older. Please supervise young children.
Sensitive Skin: If you have sensitive skin, please be cautious using slime.
Overflow: Adding mix-ins may cause overflow; store excess slime separately in an airtight container.
Slime Stains: Remove slime from fabric with a solution of 50/50 white vinegar and cold water. Test in an inconspicuous spot, dab, and gently brush away residue using a soft-bristled brush.
Keep it Fresh: Keep your slime fresh by playing with clean hands on a clean surface. After playtime, store it in an airtight container in a cool, room-temperature space.