3 Month Holiday Sub - Mad Scientist + Fall + Hanukkah


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The Holiday 3-Pack Subscription is finally here! This holiday bundle is a one-time purchase of $105 ($35 per kit) and comes with our brand new Mad Scientist Kit, Fall Feast Kit and Hanukkah Kit.

The Mad Scientist Kit will ship at the beginning of October; Fall Feast will ship at the beginning of November; and Hanukkah will ship at the beginning of December. This is a one-time, pre-paid subscription for all three kits. The shipments will automatically end after December; no action is required!

Be sure to purchase these three popular kits for your kiddos this holiday season before they sell out!

Mad Scientist - Our Mad Scientist Kit is an eerie STEAM dream come true! It will spark your kid’s imagination with beakers, test tubes, a magnifying glass, tweezers, a petri dish and a slime specimen jar (with squishy eyeballs to drop inside!). The kit has a nod to Frankenstein - the most iconic mad scientist - with resin monsters and a dough cutter in the shape of his face (and a mummy too!). One of our favorite components of the kit is the magnetic wand which picks up the disks, balls and screws. A wooden scientist character transforms into a ‘mad scientist’ when you flip him over! With wooden letters that spell out SCIENCE and three laminated playdough cards, this kit is truly both fun and educational.

Fall Feast - Our Fall Feast Kit is one of our most interactive kits ever. Your kids will love pretending to be the cook for their friends and family. The kit includes everything you’ll need to make the fall-inspired appetizers, entrees and desserts listed on the menu. Our YWF mac n’ cheese slime (with realistic noodles to mix in!), fruit preserves and corn all come in the cutest little jars! Of course, there are lots of pumpkins and turkeys to play with too! To feel like real chefs, we’ve included a custom wooden rolling pin, spatula, pie roller and scoop, as well as the letters THANKS to remind kids the importance of this season!

Hanukkah - Our Hanukkah Kit is designed to enhance the celebration beyond the eight days of Hanukkah. It includes a custom-made, high-quality wooden Menorah that allows children to add a candle on it for each night of the festival. There is a wooden dreidel for kids to play with, as well as a bag for YWF gelt (and lots of coins!). The kit also includes a unique gelt slime, which has a golden chocolate-scented bingsu (crunchy!) texture that kids will love. Your children will be able to stamp out the Gimel side of the dreidel, as well as the Star of David! There are two silicone liners that can be used to make pretend latke and other festive treats. A laminated Menorah card encourages kids to make candles out of the yellow scented dough.

*If you are a current subscriber, no need to buy this! You will get these kits already! We will send a survey to get your choice for October and December!

*This is a pre-paid listing. This purchase is for all three of the holiday kits, which will ship in October, November and December. The shipping fee which you will see in the checkout covers all three month’s shipments ($7.99 per month). This is not a recurring subscription. Your shipments will end after you receive the December kit.

*If you would like it to continue you can sign up for our re-occurring subscription that will charge monthly until you cancel. Regular monthly subscribers will receive holiday kits as their subscription.