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by Julie Friedman |

Welcome to our playroom.. which is technically our formal dining room but hey, you do what ya gotta do with what ya got..amiright!? We live in a small ranch style house with no extra rooms whatsoever, so we were kind of forced to turn our front room into the kids play room and our formal dining room into my office! haha it's not ideal, but it is what it is! I use to really hate the way this front room looked, because nothing really flowed and it was just kind of outdated.. SO I started by having all of the walls painted white and picked a few accent colors to stick with. We put our 8 cube Ikea box shelves vertically side by side and found these pretty, white woven baskets at Target that hide all our our ugly stuff! I tried to decorate the top of the shelves with things that I love that make the room look like my space too, because I am in there all the time! I wanted it to be a fun place for the kids, but also a place that I love looking at and being in as well! I bought almost everything on top of the shelves at Target and Homegoods! This cactus, large pink ceramic vase, and pink round vase were all from this fab display at Target! The little block frames are a favorite of mine-  They are beautiful on their own, but to make them more "uniquely ours" I had the kids make watercolor paintings and framed them inside.

YWF playroom Toy shelf

Here is the full photo of how they look side by side. Yes, it's a lot of cubes, but we lots of toys and need the space! Each cube is the home for a designated toy group... we have

1- Magtiles   2- Vehicles   3-Train Tracks   4- Baby Toys   5- Animals   6- Babies   7-Shape Sorters.  8- Flash Cards and Educational Materials   9- Writing tablets/Letter Activities   10-Blocks            11-Science Kit    12- Miscellaneous items

I displayed a few of our favorite/pretty toys in the open shelves up top. Our ball pound and roll around toy, xylophone ball pounder, color ring sorter, and Montessori permanence box, horizontal stacker, and Montessori coin box.


YWF Playroom Entry

Here is a peek at the other side of the room, across from the cubes. We have Evie's doll house, that we both love ;) on top of a little Ikea end table that was literally $7! This amazing tripod lamp, and art work by yours truly!! HA I couldn't afford a big fancy piece of art and was dying to have something that made a statement above the couch so I said what the heck and made some smudge art myself! 

YWF playroom couch

Here is a closer view of my favorite pink couch and "invisible coffee table" as my husband calls it! Haha, I had to put a try on it because we kept tripping over it! I love it because mess wipes right off and my kids love playing under it! The rug is the antelope rug from Ballard Designs.

YWF playroom bookshelf

To the right of the couch I have another Ikea cabinet that I keep all of our other toys in. We use these storage bins from the container store to keep our toys that have lots of parts all together! We have one for the kids play doctor set, counting cars, ABC locks, play people, and a few other toy sets! I love this little cabinet to hide our toys in! I use the small, medium and large ones the most! (the extra large are a bit too big)

YWF playroom grocery store

My mom gave my kiddos this darling little grocery stand and they adore it! We have had this cute shopping cart ever since Evie turned one and it still looks brand new, 5 years later! I guess this is basically our Melissa and Doug shrine because the giraffe is M&D also!!  

YWF playroom Grimms pyramid

When it came to a kid splay table, I had a hard time deciding because there are SO many options, but I wanted something simple and practical. I went with the Pottery Barn large activity table with the short legs on it. When the kids get a little older, I will switch it out to the tall legs and put matching chairs around it. I liked that this table can grow with them, and its great quality. As for now, we have two cute poufs on either side for the kids to sit on when playing. On top, is my favorite toy ever... our large Grimm's Block Pyramid. 

Well there you have it, our playroom tour is complete! Stay tuned for a post about how we organize our toys and advice on what toys to keep/toss! 

YWF playroom
YWF Full Playroom

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