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by Julie Friedman |

Presenting, week 2 of screen free activities! Lets get those sweet little eyes off of the TV and on to something engaging and interactive!

Day 1- Ice Play

It’s unbearably hot in Houston still, so a little ice is just what we need to cool off! All you need to do for this simple and free activity is lay down a few towels and put a few bowls on the towels. Add ice to one of the bowls and offer a few kitchen utensils- whisk, spoon, tongs, etc. then just let your little ones decide how they want to play! Stir, transfer, taste.. ice provides an amazing sensory element of watching how a solid can turn into a liquid and how temperatures change!

Day 2- Play Dough + Loose Parts

Set out a large ball of play dough + various items for your kids to explore with. It really doesn’t matter what you use… Q Tips, pom poms, gems, rocks, toothpicks, straws, popsicle sticks… whatever you have laying around- offer it up and I guarantee your kids will have fun stuffing it in their play dough and creating with it! Play doesn’t have to be beautiful or expensive, just open ended and fun, we can all do that! 

Day 3- Paint Sample Color Match

If you have paint samples, awesome, use them! If not, no worries, regular colored paper will or or even white paper that you have used markers to color on will work! Lay out the color samples ( whatever colors you have is perfect) and tell your kids to go on a hunt around the house and try to find items to match the colors! If you have the multi shade samples- even better- let your kids find items to match the different shades! Such a neat and visual way to learn the different shades of color and be able to differentiate them!

Day 4- Letter Writing Station

This is Evie’s all time favorite activity! Get a small tray and pour salt or sugar to cover the surface of the tray. If you have alphabet flash cards of a puzzle, pull it out to use for the letter demo and give your child a litter and have them write it in the salt! They can do this with their finger or a paint brush! Write, Shake, Repeat! This is a great way to practice writing uppercase, lowercase and cursive letters!

Day 5- Tape Station

Not sure what it is about washi tape, but my kids love the stuff!! If I set out a few pieces of paper and a couple rolls of tape, they will happily sit, tear, tape, and repeat for v long periods of time!! Give it a try, you can thank me later! Linked this inexpensive set of washi tape from amazon— HERE!

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