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My Favorite Walmart Baby Products

When I was pregnant with Evie, I remember thinking that I needed every single gadget, swaddle, toy, bottle... you name it, I probably bought it! It didn't take me long to realize that, not only did I not have room for all this ish in my tiny house, but we also didn't need half of it!! So, after having three babies and owning almost all of the gear on the market, I though it might be helpful to compile a post with my favorite must-have items for mom and baby, all of which can be found at Walmart! JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content. Pampers- I use to be obsessed with the Honest Company Diapers, but they had a tendency to leak and never held in a blow out! Pampers have been a way better choice for us, and they go to to a size 7, which is bomb for moms like me with giant toddlers who aren't quiet ready to potty train! Mustela No-Rinse Micella Cleansing Water- THIS is my actual favorite baby product. I keep a bottle of this magic by the changing table from the minute baby is born until they are completely out of diapers. Changing doodies has never been more pleasant! You just squirt a few pumps of this stuff on baby's booty and it masks the stink and makes the poopy wipe off So. Much. Easier. I couldn't live without this stuff, especially now that Rhett is basically a grown man and still poops in a diaper... Bob Stroller- This is really the only legit jogging stroller on the market! Save your pennies and invest in the real deal, because I bought mine 7 years ago and it's still going strong! Buy it right or buy it twice! Dohm Sound Machine- I didn't have a sound machine growing up, buy my husband did and this was one of the only things he brought with him to our first apartment! I immediately became obsessed and don't know how people sleep without them! We have one of these in every bedroom in our house! Block out the sound so you can put baby to bed and have the mamas over for margs! Ergo Baby Carrier- I am totally a baby wearer during the first several months- especially with baby #2 and #3! I needed my hands! I have tried ALOT of carriers and the only one that didn't absolutely kill my back was the Ergo! This one is great because you can carry baby facing inward and outward + its easy to pop in the washing machine and get rid of that rancid spit up smell!  Playtex Nurser Bottles- Guys, SAVE yourselves from Dr. Browns and the 23 parts and go for these. You can thank me later, I promise you will! I love these bottles so much, I could write a book about them! I discovered these 7 years ago when Evie was a baby and wouldn't take a bottle. I literally purchased every bottle on the market hoping she would take one and FINALLY at 9 months she did, and it was this one! They are amazing- they have a wide neck, so if you are formula feeding, you can easily pour the powder in, and the nipples are the perfect size and imitate the breast v well! The best part- You just drop in a liner and pour the milk or formula in there and screw the lid on... the liners are awesome because they shrink up as the baby drink so there's no air caught in the bottle (no air, no gas!) and when baby is done you chunk the liner and only have to wash the nipple! Genius, right!? Baby Brezza Formula Dispenser- This is a Keurig for baby formula. It's the most fantastic invention ever and I give it 100 stars! if you are a formula mama, you must have this, no exceptions! I got one with Rhett once I weaned him and I couldn't live without it! Diaper Genie- Save your money and buy this one! I have tried the Ubbi one- it's definitely prettier and less of an eye sore, but holy moly that shi stanks!!! This is the only diaper trash can that actually contains the stink + the refill bags are easy to use and you can cut it off and trash it anytime!  Milk Saver- When I nurse my babies, I have a super fast and heavy let down from both sides... so if baby is nursing on one side you can put this on the other side and it will collect all of the milk that leaks out during your nursing sesh! I usually catch about 2 ounces each feeding using this! Liquid gold guys.  Alright, thats a wrap!  This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine. Thank you for supporting the brands my family loves!