Junk Free Stocking Stuffer Guide

Junk Free Stocking Stuffer Guide

Julie FriedmanDec 14, '17

So every. single. year. I get caught up buying oodles and oodles of junk from the Target dollar isle. I am obvi not bashing the dollar isle, because like 90% of the crapola that we use for our activities comes from there! BUT, when it comes to stocking stuffers, I figured I would try to get a little more creative this year and put things in them that we would actually use and keep around for longer than a few days! Thanks to all of the incredible businesses who contributed to make this post happen... I present to you, our "Junk Free Stocking Stuffer Guide"

First on the list:

Tons of craft supplies from OOLY! Ooly offers a huge variety of unique and adorable items for your little crafter! A few of our favorites, pictured above include the On a Roll Decorative Sticker Tape Rollers, Switch-eroo Color Changing Markers, Color Core Colored Pencils, Scented Gel Pens, Scented Markers, and the Chalk-O-Rama Dustless Chalk! We are obsessed with all of these products and my little creative babies are going to go crazy over them all!! You can shop other Ooly products HERE!! www.ooly.com

Next we have:

Probably my favorite, the Wood Slice Alphabet Magnets from Stepping Stones Shop on Etsy! She is the most creative mama ever and I just love everything in her shop! These magnets are seriously the cutest and have super strong magnetic backs, so they really stick on! I am so excited about all of the learning that is going to take place using these cuties!! I will be sharing more ideas on how we will be incorporating these later!


The CUTEST and most unique bath bombs from OrganicareLLC on etsy. Evie is going to flip out over these! In her stocking, we have a unicorn bath bomb that is painted so beautifully, Unicorn Whipped Body Butter... OH MY GOSH, y'all, I don't even know where to being with this one... it's  this rainbow fluff thats actually lotion but smells edible. Evie is going to lose her mind over it! She also thew in a Shopkins Bath Bomb, so that is going to be such a fun surprise to find out what's inside!! If you have a Shopkins-Lover at home, I would run and order these like 5 minutes ago!

Up next:

BEAUTY COUNTER wonderfulness!! My gal pal, Allison, hooked us up with some of their oh so fabulous baby wash, the prettiest translucent pink lip gloss that I may have to steal from Evie, and  their Daily Baby Protective Balm. I am SO excited to try this one out on Rhett's poor little eczema cheeks! I have heard this stuff works wonders, so I will report back on that! You can check out all of there natural beauty and skin products HERE!


Next we have:

Kid Made Modern crayons! We love their Confetti Crayons, Double Sided Crayons, Giant Crayons, Rock Crayons, and Octahedron Crayons! They are all so much fun and give the normal coloring experience such a fun twist! Check out their website HERE to shop all of these awesome crayons!!


I have included our favorite customized crayon and maker cases from Whatsoever Things! Y'all.. This girl is INCREDIBLE! She has a full time job and also has another completely full time customized gift business! I honestly have no idea how she does it all! Do yourself a favor and check her out on instagram @whatsoever_things to see all of the amazing things she has to offer!! 


Alright, thats a wrap! Happy shopping!

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