Baking Box Play Dough Kit

We have created the cutest and most fun baking kits that are guaranteed to keep your little ones busy for hours upon hours!! My kids are literally obsessed with this kit and ask to make cupcakes with it almost every single day! I keep this little box in a cabinet in my kitchen (along with our bug box, and dino kit- check out my instagram to see those!!) and I just pull it out whenever I need to keep them busy! It has been clutch for when I am trying to get dinner ready! I pull out one of these play dough boxes just about every night during dinner prep. These are made with homemade chocolate, cinnamon and strawberry play dough- so you house is guaranteed to smell like an actual bakery while your kids are baking away. This is such a great sensory activity that targets so many of our kids senses. Their noses are work, enjoying all of the wonderful smells, their sense of touch is activated with the textures and feels of the play dough, and everything else in the box. They get to use their fine motor skills to make cupcakes, decorate them, roll out the dough, cut cookie shapes... There is just so much to explore in this box! These are available for sale on my Instagram account, @youngwildandfriedman (Just shoot me a DM and I can process your order via paypal!)